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ProCycon Life Sciences

ProCycon Life Sciences is an innovative structural and functional proteomics company founded in 2002. The company is located in Vienna/Austria and Salzburg/Austria.

ProCycon Life Sciences' mission is to combine cutting-edge computational and sophisticated NMR technologies to unravel protein structure and function on an unprecedented scale. This methodology platform can be streamlined depending on the customer demands in a discovery process to accelerate proteomics research and drug discovery.

The integration of informatics and experimental protein research offers unique exchange of multidisciplinary data and research possibilities in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, non-profit organizations and academic groups.

ProCycon's tools include protein production, characterization of protein foldedness/stability, fold validation and protein structure determination, lead identification, and structure-based lead optimization through the company's unique NMR based binding site mapping and protein complex structure elucidation techniques.

Protein Services

Special protein/customer requirements can be met through the availability of a diverse set of expression systems and fusion tags coupled with modern purification technologies. Protein foldedness / stability is characterized using our unique NMR-based PROFANE technique which unambigiously probes the existence of native protein folds requiring only small amounts of material and no isotope labeling.

Structural Biology

ProCycon uses high-field NMR spectroscopy as the major experimental tool for solution structure determination of important proteins. The integration of informatics tools facilitates generation of relevant protein structural information. Efficient tools have been developed which allows the rapid validation of homology models and/or the recognition of protein folds from the protein structural database. De novo structure determination of unknown proteins with no homology to existing protein structures is readily achieved by innovative NMR spectroscopy.

High-Troughput Screening

ProCycon establishes a customer-tailored NMR screening technology platform. The screening assay detects binding of novel ligands stemming from synthetic, combichem and/or natural extract libraries to targets in solution present at low concentration. The assay can be tailored at will and provides quantitative binding information about high-value hits, affinity ranking, competitive inhibition. ProCycon's protein NMR technology is also compatible with in vitro high-throughput mapping of protein-protein interactions (and library screening of potential inhibitors).

Structure-based Drug Design

ProCycon has developed a suite of NMR spectroscopic and informatics tools for accelerated protein complex structure determination and which allows the application of this novel structural ligand screening approach to considerably larger ligand libraries. This capability is used in combination with computational structural biology tools to develop more efficiently and economically reliable structural models of the protein binding site (e.g. pharmacophore models) which can be used for structure-guided drug design of more potent drugs with fewer side effects.

For further information please contact us:

ProCycon Life Sciences GmbH
Favoritenstrasse 4 - 6
A-1040 Vienna/Austria


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