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ProSa 2003 is the succesor of ProSa-II, our software tool for the analysis of 3D structures of proteins. Making use of knowledge-based potentials, the program generates scores reflecting the quality of protein structures. These potentials are derived from known protein structures, capturing the average properties of native globular proteins in terms of atom-pair, and protein-solvent interactions. The program also provides graphs which pinpoint problematic sections in a particular structure. ProSa 2003 comes with updated knowledge-based potentials, an enhanced PDB parser, a command line history, and with a set of new commands that support in silico mutagenesis. Researchers throughout the world use ProSa as a valuable tool for protein modeling and experimental structure determination.

ProSa 2003 is successfully applied for:

protein modeling

protein engineering and in silico mutagenesis

error detection in X-ray crystallography

evaluation of NMR-derived protein models

family-specific analysis of protein structures

Platform availability:



Red Hat

Windows 2000/XP


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