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ProHit [P]rofessional

ProHit [P]rofessional is dedicated to protein analysis tasks in molecular biology, X-ray crystallography, NMR, and bioinformatics. ProHit [P]rofessional is designed to ensure the seemless interaction of the most important bioinformatics tools needed to perform sequence and structure database searches, to interpret result lists, to visualize and investigate biomolecules in 3D, to generate structural models, and to manage libraries of PDB structures.

Based on published algorithms the package includes tools for

Sequence comparison

Fold recognition pdf

Structure comparison 

Profile search

Pattern search

Central ProHit modules for the protein analysis are

Hit Viewer

Alignment Viewer

Structure Viewer

PDB Manager

Scripting Interface

ProHit [P]rofessional is successfully applied for:

annotation of uncharacterized sequences

identification of remote homologues

high throughput analysis of large data sets

generation of structural models

domain annotation

identification and structural mapping of conserved residues

semi-automated identification of functionally important sites

improvement of alignment quality

evaluation of the hit quality

planning of mutation experiments

Platform availability:



Red Hat

Windows 2000/XP


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